With our cutting-edge dipping technology and capabilities, Diptech is able to offer superior solutions in the production of medical devices. Our range of products is rigorously manufactured to ensure top-notch durability and reliability.

Benefits of Dipping Technology

• Medical devices are designed to adapt to the anamorphic curvature of the human nasopharynx

• Proven to be safe

• Stringent quality control with 100% inspection conducted on all devices manufactured

• Private labelling capabilities for minimum order quantity


With a reputation for delivering excellence with utmost integrity and professionalism, Diptech has a wide clientele base that spans across Asia and the Americas. Among others, we have been appointed as an OEM manufacturer for various international companies since 1998, such as SunMed and Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (AincA), which distribute their products to major countries like the USA. We are committed to continually exceed our clients' expectations as we forge ahead towards becoming an internationally recognised medical device manufacturer.